Monday, December 5, 2011

Thesis Brainstorming

I started sketching out some clothing idea relating to my own personal logo. I thought of making it a small colorful branch relating to my identity package colors and logo. This branch would only be a part of other branches relating to the larger overall brand. I call this particular branch "gatinha" which means little female cat in Portuguese or slang for pretty girl. My senior thesis at Ringling College of Art and Design will be on apparel/fashion branding. I plan on designing and vectoring fashion flats then moving on to patterns and textures. Sort of like what I already did with my floral and pastry pajama sets. Only this time I'd like to expand on the cuts of the clothes too.

These are just some brainstorm ideas. So far I like the leggings and the dress I did a little fashion illustration of. I'd also like to experiment with accessory design. 

Any comments or suggestions would be greatly appreciated! :)

Sunday, December 4, 2011


An editorial illustration I made using Photoshop to go along with a poem. Might still do some touch ups after a critique but for now I'm fairly satisfied with it.

Saturday, December 3, 2011

A look into my sketchbook Part 2

My adorable friend Natalie;

A little fashion illustration I sketched out for fun;


Thumbnails and ideas for my La Musica Poster. Here you can see the evolution;


Playing with vivid primary colors;

I liked the roses I designed for the La Musica poster so I continued exploring them for a pattern. They eventually evolved into the floral clothing pattern I made for pajama designs;

Starting to get more interested in fashion design so here's the beginning of that;

 My friend Angeline :) ;

A look into my sketchbook

I thought it might be fun to upload some of my watercolor sketchbook pages. Its a nice way to see how I work outside of the digital realm and when I'm just being myself on paper. Also, yes I do number my pages. Its just a habit I picked up from doing IB Art in high school (International Baccalaureate). I suppose I just like keeping track of my own progress. Anyway, please enjoy;

Sarasota Bay;

Some of my classmates;

Friends during leisure time;

George Pratt on the right, who happens to be a big inspiration for me;

Study for an illustration I did (should put that up at some point...);

My cousin Leyla, isn't she adorable?;

My other cousin Salmaan;

My dear childhood friend Lisa whom I recently reunited with in London;

A friend I made in London;

My good friend Charles, I draw him quite often;


Matt in two different viewpoints;