Saturday, December 3, 2011

A look into my sketchbook

I thought it might be fun to upload some of my watercolor sketchbook pages. Its a nice way to see how I work outside of the digital realm and when I'm just being myself on paper. Also, yes I do number my pages. Its just a habit I picked up from doing IB Art in high school (International Baccalaureate). I suppose I just like keeping track of my own progress. Anyway, please enjoy;

Sarasota Bay;

Some of my classmates;

Friends during leisure time;

George Pratt on the right, who happens to be a big inspiration for me;

Study for an illustration I did (should put that up at some point...);

My cousin Leyla, isn't she adorable?;

My other cousin Salmaan;

My dear childhood friend Lisa whom I recently reunited with in London;

A friend I made in London;

My good friend Charles, I draw him quite often;


Matt in two different viewpoints;

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