Saturday, January 28, 2012

zBrush work-in-progess sculpts and concepts

My first full zBrush head sculpt. I have to admit I thought I would struggle with the program but so far I find it really fun and so far no big issues! Anyway I'd like to continue improving the character head's hair but overall its completed. This character head belongs to Victoria my original character who is a snooty Edwardian-era school mistress.

Here follows the work-in-progress head and body sculpts I'm preparing for a full character figure. This is a clumsy chef character from some illustrations I did awhile back. I re-added them at the bottom so you can see where my inspiration came from and where this sculpt is headed;

My characters sketches I put up earlier (I edited quite a few details to make them more portfolio ready) for the zBrush character I'm sculpting;

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